12 maja 2019

Software Development Outsourcing at Atinea. How does our service differ from typical body-leasing?

Companies which provide the outsourcing of software developers on the IT services market have got used to operating in a specific manner. We are observing that the quality of cooperation with such companies is a long shot – it may hit home or miss by a long mile. We have redesigned the service and have been providing it for our clients successfully for years. Why is it so effective?

Body-leasing and its drawbacks

Someone needs more software developers for his or her company but does not want to waste any time or energy on recruitment. What do they do? They contact a body-leasing company. They set the requirements and project specifics and sign a contract. Then the body-leasing company delegates the software developers who are free or recruits such developers, if none are free.

As a rule, the time is the top priority here so the recruitment level is… poor. Companies scan CV’s, select those with better content and required technologies and… employ software developers. They do not spend much time analysing their skills or professional attitude. If the do not prove themselves, others will replace them – and the problem no longer exists.

Those software developers will either do their job well or fail totally. Other factors include a high turnover rate and waste of time devoted to the on-boarding of new staff. I am not saying this happens every time, but you will never get a guarantee that the software developers allocated to your project will bring any value to your company. Is real business a lottery?

This was the first issue we observed in body-leasing. There are more though:

  • You, the client, need to provide the on-boarding and control of the software developers assigns
  • You never really know who the outsourcing company is going to send to you
  • Software developers will often find working for you unsatisfactory – get ready for the poor quality of their work and on-boarding of new staff delegated as substitutes
  • You or your employees will need to spend a lot of time making work arrangements for new software developers and control their work.

As you can see, such services are far from perfect. There are many factors to improve. Now we step in.

We develop our own methodologies.

We never blindly believe in the rut. We always analyse to see if we can improve what we do now. Over the years we have developed our own procedures and methodologies so that we do not need to look to other companies.  We have set a standard and keep on holding firmly to the standard to provide polished services and support our clients in many ways. The same applies to our Software Development Outsourcing.

We employ software developers on a permanent basis

At Atinea, we do not employ software developers for specific projects. We take them on to work in our company on a permanent basis. If we have no orders for them at the moment, we delegate them to work on in-house projects. They are full-time employees. Hence the simple conclusion – we know perfectly well who we employ.

Thus our outsourcing provides you with our full-time software developers. They are proven, highly-skilled developers. This is the first unique feature we boast. And there are more of them.

We delegate managers

We delegate a whole team every time. What does it mean? Whether you need one or ten software developers, they will always be supervised by a Project Manager on our side. What is the purpose of delegating the manager?

The manager will be in charge of talks with your company. He or she will learn your business. He or she will prepare the work environment for our software developers. He or she will divide the project into phases, prepare an analysis and estimate, together with his or her team, how much time will be required for implementation. Then the team will commence their work and the manager will monitor its progress consistently, submit reports to you, deploy new software developers and respond whenever something goes wrong.

It is an excellent solution, is it not? The Project Manager will relieve you of any duties concerning the monitoring and deployment of our staff and will also cooperate with you to ensure the best implementation of the project possible.

We provide an unusual flexibility

Another advantage of our outsourcing is the high flexibility we offer to our clients. The client may increase our involvement in their project at any time. The client may increase the hour range or add more software developers. Should it be necessary to handle other technologies than covered by the initial scope, we will simply assign another software developer to the task, replacing one of the current team members. The Project Manager will be responsible for the on-boarding of the new software developer; this will not affect the costs of our cooperation at all. We assign every software developer to the team dynamically, which means that the client may modify the technology scope during the contract validity and we will smoothly adapt to the client’s requirements.

Our Software Development Outsourcing in a nutshell

I have written at some length, so now let me recap all the above-mentioned information in brief:

  • We only delegate our full-time employees employed with Atinea on a permanent basis
  • We employ the best software developers available in the market (with our meticulous recruitment methods using algorithm tasks)
  • The software developers delegated are assigned to the project manager who ensures their deployment and plan implementation
  • The client may increase our involvement or use the knowledge of another software developer employed with Atinea at any time during the contract validity
  • The Project Manager monitors the cooperation, saves the time of our clients and, at their request, may prepare an analysis and conducts talks e.g. with the business department in their companies

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